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How to be Good in Business

Being Good in Business

We love this famous quote from Andy Warhol. 

For us, being good in business only means one thing. It’s not something you can measure in monetary value, or how fast your business is growing. nor is it anything to do with how good you are at the technology or how good you are at getting new clients. 

What we love the most about this fascinating kind of art is achieving customer satisfaction. 

What Makes you Happy?

The big question you have to ask yourself is: Why are you in business? 

Maybe you love the flexibility of being your own boss or maybe you just can’t stand the stress of a 9 to 5 where others get all the credit? 

Maybe you started a business because you love working from home and being your own boss? For us, whatever other reasons we might have, we believe that to be good in business your first love has to be making people happy. 

Customers or employees

Whether you’re a one man/woman band or you have a number of people working for you. True success is measured in how others feel about working for you or with you. 

We love getting positive feedback, (and we know you can’t always please everyone all the time). This should not stop you from always aiming to provide the best possible service you can. 

It’s the thing that motivates us every day to keep going and every time you get another satisfied customer you can do a little dance 


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