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Our Latest News And Updates

Important articles and news stories since business began. Drop us a line for any information or questions regarding any of our content or services. We are only too glad to help.

“We just wanted to give a big Kudos to all the Cafes and Restaurants and other venues who are giving away free meals to children during the Half Term.”

Saint IT Oct 2020

“Covid-19 is changing the way we communicate – but who do you trust to deliver the change?”

saint IT May 2020

“We all make decisions based on what we see online, it is a key part of choosing who to do business with,”

Saint IT Jan 2020




5 Things You Need For A Great Website

5 things you need for a great website A great website is comprised of a combination of back-end and front-end functionality which ties in together to create the masterpiece that…
Covid tech

COVID-19: Do you worry about safety?

COVID-19: Do you worry about safety for your employees and visitors? Saint IT have a range of technology which helps keep employees and visitors safe, our entry systems come in…

Green Internet Browsing

Our Safe Browsing Recommendation For many years now Saint IT have recommended to all our clients that they use DuckduckGo as the primary browser / search engine to use. It is safe,…

Turn Ideas Into Reality

The Last 2 years has seen a record number of new small business start ups. In fact 770,000 new businesses appeared in 2020 in the UK. Whilst large enterprises struggled…

Saint IT Horizon Collaborate

A complete unified communications experience for your business “The pressure is on for businesses to appear always available to their customers and the technology provided to employees can make all…

Shiny new gadgets

At Saint IT we never get bored of shiny new gadgets One of the things we love more then anything here at Saint IT is procuring shiny new gadgets for…

We Love Our Customers

We love our customers!!! A very kind customer bought me these last week as a thank you on the completion of their brand new business website. Making dreams come true…

Tech Giant Google+ Epic Fail

Business success is not automatic, not even for top tech giant Google who recently announced plans to close their Social Media platform Google+ Google+ has suffered for some time with…