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Your cloud based business telephone systems, in safe hands with us. For small medium and large businesses, we have the right fit for you

Choose Evonex and benefit from an easy to use, super reliable cloud-based phone system that makes communication efficient and helps improve productivity in the workplace.

Evonex is one of the leading VOIP telephony systems that delivers all the features you need to keep in touch with your clients, customers and staff.

Top features include:

Evonex is one of the leading hosted VOIP telephone systems that delivers all the features you need to keep in touch with your clients, customers and staff

It’s easy to put Evonnex, our leading Cloud based VOIP Telephony system, at the heart of your unified communications packages because it delivers everything you need from a premium hosted telephony platform – except the premium price.

The solution is packed with clever features to help our customers make the most of their telephone communications. You can easily configure preferences both for individual phones and for their phone network through the web portal. But you can also set many of the most common features direct from the handsets.

IPBX Hands Free Phone

Why Choose the Evonex VOIP Telephone System

Evonex Voip Telephone Systems

Cost Effective

Quick and easy to install, with no capital outlay. The Evonex cloud based phone system delivers all the functionality of a traditional telephone system, with advanced features that make communicating with your staff, customers and suppliers, easy and efficient.


It’s easy for staff to work from the office or remotely and remain contactable. Users will instantly see who’s available and connect with them using Presence, Instant Messaging and Click to Call features, whilst being able to add and remove users with ease.

Choice of Handsets

Benefit from a range of handsets and headsets to suit every requirement including; DECT phones, conference rooms, reception areas and boardrooms.

Simple Licences

Know exactly what you are getting. Evonex has a very clear licence structure, offering a standard licence for your telephony features and the option to add advanced applications for specific environments.

Manage Team Activity

Company Administrators and Site Administrators can easily manage remote teams, view team activity and make real time changes to music on hold, messaging, announcements and call routing.

See more Features

Users have quick, easy and customisable access to enhanced features such as call forwarding, simultaneous ringing and much more via a desktop application

More Features

What can you expect from our VOIP Telephone Systems

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator or receptionist. You can create a library of recorded greetings and instructions, and up to 125 individual menus and sub-menus.

Time Based Routing

Time-based Routing

Time-based Routing enables businesses to configure individual phones and voicemail messages for different times of the day or week. The schedule will automatically route inbound calls in specific ways for particular periods, eg.lunchtimes, weekends or holidays

Mobile Softphone

Mobile Softphone

The Evonnex mobile softphone is available for android and iOS devices. The App allows you to use your smartphone as a company phone extension. This enables you to keep in touch with your colleagues and contacts, wherever you are

Call recording

Call Recording

Call Recording allows companies to record calls on all or specific company phones. For each phone number, you may choose to record all calls or a specified percentage of calls, and whether you want to record just external or both internal and external calls.
Call Queues

Call Queues

Call Queues hold incoming calls when there are no free operators available. With iPBX you can create up to 50 call queues and choose different music for different queues. The automatic reporting module generates two Call Queue reports, which can be viewed, downloaded and / or printed.

VOIP Telephone Systems Reporting

Understand your call traffic with charts, graphs and detailed downloadable report

Benefit from comprehensive statistical reporting at call group and individual DDI level with informative charts and graphs to help monitor and manage your communications. Use filters to create and save your favourites, schedule reports via email to colleagues or download and print for reference.

Activity reports

Understand you your call traffic with charts, graphs and detailed downloadable reports, showing Call Ratios, Call Handling and Queue information with time of day analysis for wait times, answered, unanswered and abandoned calls.

Navigate and filter

View inbound and outbound call traffic via pre-defined activity reports which can be filtered to show the information most relevant to your business and monitor traffic distribution around remote call groups. The Evonex reporting module will provide the insight you need to effectively monitor agent activity, most calls answered, time on the phone and on DND (Do not Disturb).