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Tech Giant Google+ Epic Fail

Business success is not automatic, not even for top tech giant Google who recently announced plans to close their Social Media platform Google+

Google+ has suffered for some time with the tough competition in the social media world and clearly failing to keep up.

You would think a Tech Giant like Google to be able to be able to make a success of a social media platform which was originally launched in 2011 as an attempt to compete in the Social Media market. despite initial encouraging signs the platform struggled and underwent a major redesign in 2015.


Following the announcement back in October 2018 of the closure, came another announcement in December that a bug in their API had been found which exposed personal data of its users. talk about the final nail in the coffin! Google did not initially declare this vulnerability. although they claim no 3rd party exploited the bug during the 6 days it was left unfixed.

the full report is found here:


Google has now contacted all its G+ customers with advise and instructions about the shutting down of the platform and how users can collect personal images from their profiles before it is taken offline.

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